Things are looking even worse for 18-year-old rapper Tay-K, as he waits in jail to face trial for two counts of capital murder and aggravated robbery. According to a new report from XXL, the Texas native has been slapped with an additional charge after being caught in possession of a prohibited substance.

Tay-K, whose legal name is Taymor Travon McIntyre, is currently incarcerated at Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, Texas. McIntyre was hit with the additional charge on August 2, per XXL, though it’s unclear what substance he had in his possession at the time.  

The charge was coupled with a $10,000 bond, but he’s already been denied bond by a judge for his previous charges.

Tay-K’s legal troubles helped catapult his popularity as an upcoming rapper. He details his case on the hit single “The Race,” which 21 Savage later hopped on for a remix.

But the charges McIntyre is facing could end his nascent career. In 2016, the teen allegedly played a role in the death of a 21-year-old Ethan Walker during a botched robbery, alongside a handful of accomplices. He was placed on house arrest before cutting off his ankle monitor and fleeing.

While on the run from police, authorities allege he also robbed and murdered 23-year-old Mark Saldivar at a Chick-Fil-A in San Antonio, Texas. He later made his way to New Jersey, where he recorded “The Race,” before being captured by U.S. Marshals in June 2017.

In June of this year, McIntyre was hit with a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of Saldivar. He’s also facing a $1 million lawsuit for allegedly profiting of his crimes after he inked a deal with 88 Classic in December.

“The principle behind this case is that people and corporations shouldn’t profit from violent crimes against the innocent,” attorney Brian Butcher told the Star-Telegram. “Taymor McIntyre became a threat to society, possibly with the encouragement of others, in order to promote sales of his music. I want those sales to compensate his victims, not to enrich a record company that supports a child thug.”

Butcher represents the families of Walker and Zachary Beloate, who was also shot during the 2016 robbery and survived. The suit also names Tay-K’s alleged five accomplices, as well as his manager Ezra Averill and 88 Classics owner Joshua White.

Tay-K is not facing the death penalty, but if he’s found guilty the rapper could be given life in prison with the possibility of parole.