The Barbz asked and received.

In an effort to accommodate her fanbase, Nicki Minaj delayed Thursday’s episode of Queen Radio by eight hours, after receiving multiple complaints about the show’s original 9 a.m. broadcast time. 

“Some of my fans have asked me to make the show later […] I’m also taking notes for future shows, but this WON’T be locked in for next week if it DOES change,” she tweeted. “The poll is leaning towards the later start time, so that’s what we’ll do for today. Next week, we’ll know in advance & the time won’t be too early OR too late.”

Queen Radio has continued to nab headlines since its debut episode earlier this month. The broadcast treats listeners to some of Nicki’s favorite records, as well as a few surprises and special guests like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, and Winnie Harlow. But the best part of Queen Radio? The Queen herself.

Nicki has deftly used the platform as a digital megaphone, as she has addressed everything from rumors to the industry and critics. Her delivery is as unfiltered as it is hilarious.

You can stream Queen Radio episode 6 live on Apple Music’s Beats 1.