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Summer 2018 is nearing an end, but Australian producer Kito has returned with a bright new single called "Strawberries" that should add some warmth to your playlists before fall arrives. "'Strawberries' is about getting lost in a cloud with someone you care about, and enjoying that moment in time with no worry for the past or future," she says, explaining the carefree nature of the track.

"Strawberries" serves as a reintroduction for Kito while she gears up to drop a new EP called HAANI. Taking a break from solo material, she spent the last few years working on music with artists like Jorja Smith and Mabel.

"I’m so excited to release ‘Strawberries,’" Kito tells Complex. "All these features ended up on this track in different ways. I had the Trinidad James hook from a session we did a couple of years ago. Elley and I worked together in LA last year on a track for her album, and then I played her the idea and she loved it so we got back in to work on it. I worked with Kodie on the same trip and she recorded her part in Atlanta."

Listen to the premiere of "Strawberries" featuring Elley Duhé, Trinidad James, and Kodie Shane below and look out for HAANI to arrive on August 24.