Jeremih Says He Won't Diss Teyana Taylor Back: 'It's All Love'

Teyana Taylor announced that Jeremih would no longer be a part of her shows going forward, and now Jeremih says that he won't respond to her claims that he was acting a "diva."

Teyana Taylor has made it clear over the past couple of days that she was not particularly fond of how her tour with Jeremih was going, calling him a "diva" and announcing that she would no longer be part of the 'Later That Night' Tour. Now, after she made all her thoughts evident, Jeremih has finally opened up about the whole beef, which he says is pretty one-sided all things considered.

Stopping by to talk with Hot Rod from Power 92 Chicago, Jeremih admits that he was ultimately disappointed over her comments. The two have been close collaborators in the past, with Jeremih having writing credits on the Kanye West-produced K.T.S.E., but now he says things between them aren't quite as cool as they were. He says everything she said, especially her claim that 80% of the crowd would leave following her set, was false.

Labeled a "diva" by Taylor, Jeremih has suggested that it was her that was acting the diva. He says she "got mad over some chicken wings one night." Despite all the problems they've had, he says that it's "all love" between them, and he won't be dissing her back anytime soon.

Since the interview was conducted on FaceTime, the audio isn't too easy to understand, but it's easy enough to get the idea of what he's saying in the clip. Taylor will be departing on her solo tour soon, with all the dates and venues from the 'Later That Night' tour remaining the same with all tickets honored.

Later, on Friday night, Jeremih took to Twitter and further responded to Taylor’s comments, writing, "While I am extremely pissed about the disrespectful comments & name calling that has been made, I hold no resentment or vengeance in my heart. I am more disappointed for OUR fans.. nonetheless I must move forward but I wish Teyana & Dani nothing but the best. ✌🏽❤️."

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