Drake has a storied relationship with both Trey Songz and Chris Brown, but fans have noticed that he's very clearly a bigger fan of Breezy, at least when it comes to basketball. When Trey took to his Instagram to post a photo of Chris Brown from a basketball match they played together relatively recently, Drake decided to hop in the comments to diss one of their abilities on the court and praise the other's talents.

The first post was innocuous enough, but Drizzy commented on the post, roasting Trey and praising Breezy. "I wanna see CB highlights I know you went 1 for 16," he wrote on the post.

Fans at first thought this was the 6 God taking a shot at Chris Brown, but he later clarified when 2 Chainz commented, "haa mane." Making sure there was no confusion as to what he meant and who he was dissing, Drake commented, "I meant I know Trey went 1 for 16. Breezy had all the ESPN top plays for sure."