In a climate where appearances often count for more than they should, mysterious masked rapper Vashy is flipping the script and choosing to play by his own rules instead of  by others'.

Vashy isn't new to the game and his voice can be found—for the eager-eared sleuths out there—on some early 2010's boom bap tracks on YouTube. Since then he's linked up with producer Filip Jackson on some new material including "Macklemore" which we are premiering here today on Complex

Fil's modern hip hop productions are a great match for Vashy's lyricism and unique style that is far from mumble but not quite conscious rap either. His style is reminiscent of early Odd Future or Cool Kids—gritty, avant garde and slightly bizzare. The music video for “Macklemore” was created by Will Wallace and then intention was to put Vashy's verbal gymnastics front and centre. Will decided to use he Toronto Beaches' neighbourhood, an unusual setting for a rap video, as a backdrop to Vashy's unearthly masked presence. 

Vashy's forthcoming project is entirely produced by Filip Jackson and mixed and mastered by Hudson Alexander, also of Bedroomer. Take in "Mackelmore" above and stay tuned for more from this unique (and weird) talent.