Since the release of her sophomore album K.T.S.E., Teyana Taylor’s publicity run has been primarily focused on everything missing from the album versus what’s there and is likely to remain as is.

All the coverage about missing tracks and samples certainly may have left the impression that Taylor is less than satisfied with her latest project and the work of her G.O.O.D. Music comrades Kanye and Pusha-T. But Taylor went on Instagram to remind everyone that she loves her album and her label.

“I LOVE MY ALBUM and never said that I didnt AND BELIEVE IN MY ALBUM with all of me,” she wrote. “My complaints never came from a place of anger but more so from a place of hurt that I felt that I owed the world more.”

Taylor went on to clarify that she’s not upset with 'Ye and is more than grateful for his help and their relationship. “Though a shortened version shocked me upon its released date i appreciate my brother Ye for helping me produce my most vulnerable, personal and soulful album to date,” Taylor wrote. “I never meant for my passion to be mistaken for ungratefulness however i'm always open to agreeing to disagree, that doesnt take away from the bond I share with not only Ye but all of my G.O.O.D Music family.” Her statement captions a video that shows scenes from the making of K.T.S.E.

Check out her full post below:

G.O.O.D. Music's leading lady previously told Big Boy’s Neighborhood she planned to re-release the “completed” version of the album since a few samples didn’t clear and a couple tracks were left off. She later disappointed some fans by tweeting that an updated project wouldn’t be coming. On Friday, she told the Breakfast Club won’t be making anymore promises on an updated version, though it could still be coming. One of the tracks left off the album, “We Got Love” featuring a voice note from Lauryn Hill, surfaced online earlier this week.

Taylor also recently revealed that her album closing out Kanye's five-project rollout made her nervous. “I felt like it was worth it. At first, I didn’t know it was like a five-album thing,” she explained. “I knew me and Pusha were supposed to come out around the same time. Once he [Kanye] said his and everybody else I was a little nervous at first, cause I was like, ‘Y’all n***as is legends. I ain’t trying to be in the middle of that.’”