Looks like Teyana Taylor’s sophomore album K.T.S.E. could be getting a few updates after all. Late Tuesday night, a track from Taylor titled “We Got Love” surfaced online featuring a voice messsage Lauryn Hill sent Taylor.

Taylor tweeted about using Hill’s note last month, but it didn’t appear on the original June 22 release. A version of "We Got Love" without the Hill sample did play during her K.T.S.E. listening party, and has been sought after by fans since.

G.O.O.D. Music's leading lady told BigBoyTV she planned to re-release the “completed” version of the album, since a few samples didn’t clear and a couple tracks were left off. She later disappointed fans by tweeting that an updated project wouldn’t be coming.  

On “We Got Love,” Taylor sings about the importance of family, black love, and how she famously gave birth to her daughter in the bathroom. The outro of the song features Hill’s note, which sounds like it was recorded in her car. “A lot of people define success differently,” Hill says during the 30-second cut. “You know, for me, you can have everything. You can have all the money in the world, but if it’s not enjoyable, if it’s not sustainable, if you can’t be a person of integrity while having all of these things, what does it matter? What does it mean? Your value is internal.” 

The track has already been blocked on YouTube, but hopefully this means it’s going to be added to K.T.S.E very soon. Check it out here.

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