Out of all 350 songs on Drake’s new album, Scorpion, “In My Feelings” has generated the most social media noise thanks to a viral dance challenge created by internet personality Shiggy. Sure, it's a bop, but it seems safe to say that #DotheShiggy and #InMyFeelingsChallenge are at least two factors that contributed to the song’s No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

On Tuesday, Shiggy and Drake met and shared photos on social media, and soon some blogs, including Kollege Kidd, began claiming that Drake had paid Shiggy $250,000 for helping the song reach No. 1. However, during an Instagram Live video, Shiggy denied receiving any money from Drake. 

In a recording of the live video, Shiggy suggests it’s the first time he’s heard of any money, much less $250,000, from Drake. “N****s is lying,” he says at one point. “$250,000? What kind of shit is going on, man?” Later, he told someone in the background: “Yo, blogs is crazy."

“You think he walking around with a checkbook in the club?” he asked several times. He also added that he met Drake for the first time at the club. 

DJ Akademiks took to Twitter to reiterate that Drake did not pay Shiggy that sum of money and added that he had “official confirmation.”

In any case, Shiggy and Drake definitely met, and Drake did publicly acknowledge that the internet personality’s challenge helped the song go the distance in a video posted to the rapper’s Instagram stories last night.