Cardi B gave birth to a baby girl earlier this week, and while she’s resting, it seems safe to assume she’ll be receiving plenty of gifts for both her and Kulture Kiara. Indeed, earlier today many were excited to find out Cardi had received an expensive gift basket from a specific baby store from none other than Nicki Minaj. Of course, the news raised eyebrows because it appeared to indicate the two were finally over whatever beef they had in the past. However, when Cardi’s team saw the reports, they noticed they hadn’t received the gift, so they called the store only to discover Nicki had not purchased anything from there after all. 

The Blast reported that Nicki Minaj had purchased a $5,000 gift basket from Petit Trésor, a store that “caters to the elite kiddos” in Los Angeles, just minutes after the birth announcement was made. The basket was reportedly “girly,” with luxury clothes, dolls, stuffed animals, and even a sterling silver rattle. The Blast even added that the basket should have been delivered by the end of the day on Wednesday. 

However, by Thursday, it appears as though the famous gift basket had not yet arrived. Per TMZ, Cardi’s camp called the store, which only has one location, and asked for a tracking number. The response was that Nicki Minaj had not bought anything at the store. TMZ also confirmed this by speaking with a store employee who confirmed neither Nicki nor anyone from her team had bought anything from there. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean Nicki isn’t interested in clearing up the beef. In fact, for awhile, both rappers denied that there was anything between them at all, and the entire thing appeared to be invented by the internet. However, in a March interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Nicki revealed that she felt hurt when Cardi didn’t show her “genuine love” in public even after being featured on a song alongside her (namely Quavo's “Motorsport.”) 

In fact, both women had pointed to that moment before, as Cardi had said in a previous interview that she hadn’t heard Nicki’s final verse before she recorded her own. For her part, Nicki had said the original idea for the song was just her and Quavo—no Cardi. Sometime later, Cardi B told Howard Stern that the two had cleared up any remaining vestiges of the beef.

Since neither Cardi nor Nicki have yet commented on this latest baby gift development, it's probably best to wait until they do—which, to be fair, is highly unlikely—before starting to assume the beef is back on. After all, that stuff is pretty boring