50 Cent is only "tough on TV," at least according to frequent online sparrer Jim Jones.

Monday, 50 hit up Instagram with a photo of some unnamed person holding a weapon up to a television screen projecting 50's Starz original series Power. Jones, naturally, used the comments section as an opportunity to present 50 with a backhanded compliment about his acting prowess. "U real tuff on tv boo boo lol lol," he wrote. "U always been a good actor lol im out show was good though lol."

Within minutes, 50 had responded in kind. "Cam said you ain't even a street n***a jimmy," he wrote. "Get the fuck outta here you a goof recruiter."

This delightful exchange was followed by a few more playful 'grammed disses centered on, among other things, Jones' gym habits and an actual non-Power photo of 50 in court:

The two have been going back and forth in recent days, though their history of public disagreements extends further back. In May, Jones stopped by Hot 97 to talk about his Wasted Talent album. In addition to using the interview to label post-Trump Kanye West a "media whore," Jones spoke on his current assessment of 50. According to Jones, 50 is "obsessed" with him. However, the frequent mutual mocking is mostly just for kicks.

"We just always have [had] an aggressive comedic competition for years," he explained. "Not too many people really get his humor or are really ready for his bullshit."

In semi-related news, 50's Power was recently renewed for a sixth season. At the time of season 5's wrap-up, the show had become the network's most-watched original series.