Jhené Aiko is facing another legal battle.

According to TMZ, the singer-songwriter has been accused of stealing artwork featured in her 2015 Soul of Summer clothing range. Colorado-based artist Elisa Rose Mountain claims Aiko used a graphic that was very similar to her trademarked Hamsa Mandala design, which is an updated version of the centuries-old Hamsa Hand sign.

The graphic in question was emblazoned on a tank top dubbed “Jhené Aiko Hamsa Circle Goddess.” As you can see below, the singer’s graphic has noticeable similarities to Mountain’s artwork.


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The Summer of Soul collection was rolled out in collaboration with PacSun and Neff Headwear—both of which are listed as co-defendants. Mountain says the tank was sold at the brands’ retail locations, as well as their catalogs and online stores without her authorization.

A source told TMZ that Aiko has no legal liability in the case, as she “was simply brought on to collaborate and help choose a design.”

The recent suit arrives about four months after Aiko was sued by her former tour manager, Joshua Williams. According to The Blast, the singer was accused of failing to reimburse the plaintiff for expenses he charged on his credit card. Williams claims he put more than $50,000 toward the tour, under the promise that Aiko would pay him back. Sources told The Blast that Williams failed to provide receipts for his alleged purchases—which is why Aiko’s financial team suspected fraud.