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After multiple attempts were foiled by law enforcement back in 2015, Chief Keef is finally channeling his inner Tupac and going on a worldwide tour in hologram form to promote the release of his upcoming project The Cozart.

The multi-city Chief Keef and Icons of American Music Tour being put on by Hologram USA will kick off in London next month before moving to Keef's hometown of Chicago—two cities Sosa has been banned from performing in. Each show will be 90 minutes long and hosted by Keef's billionaire label boss and Hologram USA CEO Alki David. The hologram show will also aid itself to presenting some of Keef's influences as well. Digitized rap icons like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, NWA, and Snoop Dogg can be expected to make appearances throughout the show.

"We’ve advanced everything that can be done in the new medium of hologram shows. Anything you think you know about them—we’ve surpassed it. And you’ll see Chief Keef at the peak of his powers, both as a performer and a creator," said David.

As previously mentioned, this is not the first time that Keef has attempted to hold a hologram concert. Back in July 2015, the drill rapper tried to put on a show in Indiana to raise funds for the death of Glo Gang member Capo and 13-month old Dillion Harris that was shut down by local police in part because of the controversial lyrical content in his songs. This shut down came after a prior cancellation in Chicago. Later that year, another attempt was made in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of Bang 3. The Fonda Theater venue forced the show to be moved, citing safety concerns. 

Other stops on Keef's upcoming tour include New York City, New Orleans, and Las Vegas before ultimately running at the Hologram USA Theater in Los Angeles. Tickets are currently available for the August 31 and September 1 shows at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo in London and range from £40-£170 (app. $52-$222). They can be purchased here.