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While the unofficial return of G.O.O.D. Fridays might not hit you the same way it did in 2010, this run of seven-track albums Kanye West has us on, in addition to all of the other singles, EPs, and albums that are being released by people who aren't Yeezy, means that it can be hard to really sit with a project the way you'd want to. That usually means that, when Kanye West and Kid Cudi decide to start the listening party for Kids See Ghosts something like three hours late, you might end up giving it one real listen before calling it a night. For an album as dense as this one, that isn't nearly enough time.

Don't fret, though; while we won't spoil the album entirely, there are a number of moments that stick out after repeat listens. From sample sources and references to current events to the producers who crafted the project and the featured guests (both credited and uncredited) on the seven-track album, here are four things you probably missed on your first listen to Kids See Ghosts.