The Game won't be able to recoup the $7.1 million he had to pay in a sexual assault lawsuit from VH1's reality show contestant, Priscilla Rainey.

Rainey sued the rapper over the allegation that he sexually assaulted her during her time on his reality dating series, She's Got Game, with the network. The Game was later sentenced to 120 hours of community service on top of the seven-figure payment to Rainey. But he didn't want to take the fall alone. In 2017, Game filed a $20 million lawsuit against Viacom, which owns VH1, for failing to properly vet Rainey before bringing her on as a contestant.

In the lawsuit, he claimed Viacom and VH1 knew Rainey had a criminal history, including multiple felony arrests for battery in addition to suffering from mental health issues. Because of that, he felt Viacom should be held liable for the situation which led to the sexual assault lawsuit. But the judge felt different.

The Blast reports a judge dismissed Game's case and ruled Viacom was exercising their free speech rights when they hired Rainey and therefore can't be held liable.

This isn't the only issue Game has been dealing with as of late. When he's not defending Kanye West's antics, he's been threatening 6ix9ine for falsely claiming the Blood gang. Although 6ix9ine's efforts to end the beef may be underway with Snoop Dogg as a mediator. On the entrepreneurial front, Game's been working on a line of vape pens. Hopefully it will help him with that $7 million bill.