Shakira is currently on her El Dorado World Tour as she finds herself in a nasty controversy: The singer has pulled a necklace from her online store after fans and the media noticed a troubling similarity between necklace’s pendant and a prominent Nazi symbol. 

The $9.95 necklace’s gold pendant is inscribed with the words “Shakira El Dorado World Tour” and features a geometric sun pattern. However, the pattern bares a striking resemblance to the Nazi Black Sun symbol, also known as the Schwarze Sonne in German

Accordingly, German news site Bento was the first to notice the similarities. The symbol is banned in Germany, and it's still used by neo-Nazi groups today. People notes that the symbol was featured on the floor of the headquarters of Hitler’s party, the Wewelsburg Castle, during the Nazi era. 

Neither Shakira nor anyone from her team have commented on the matter. Shakira did post a video back in May of her going through tour merch, gushing about how much she loved it. The necklace is not featured in the clip.