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Earlier this month, French electronic producer Møme released his new EP Moments I (buy here). The latest single to come from his new collection is "When We Ride", which features Johan Loewenthal from Aussie indie-synth band Tora.

Loewenthal's soaring R&B vocals fit well with Møme's taut, angular electro sounds that pack a healthy dose of funk. To go with the track, the French producer headed out to the island of Bali in Indonesia to create a video that would imbue the track with a spiritual edge, while paying homage to the culture and scenery he fell in love with.

Johan told Complex over email:

"For 'When We Ride', I really wanted to go back to Indonesia, the exact country where I started composing Møments I. It is mystical, relaxing, exotic and fun, all at the same time, so I really wanted to share this vision to my audience. I'm the first character and you can hear a Bahasa kind of prayer bewitching me; I fall asleep, and my dream starts. Bali has a mix of incredible landscapes: the mountains, the oceans, the rice fields and also very welcoming, talented and fun people. I wanted to show the nature and some ride—skate, longboard, surf and motorbike—to match with the track's title. Also, for this clip, we exclusively worked with Bali-based participants such as my friends Jack Morris, Lauren Bullen and Flora Christin, and I personally picked the locations you see in the video, like the Hide Out Bali. I really had fun being involved in this project and I hope people will be inspired by my ideal, dreamy vision of Bali."

Watch exclusively above.