You may have noticed Ice Cube's tweet earlier this month about the importance of not seeking out "long hairs in bullshit."

The tweet in question was in response to an article about comments Cube made regarding artists' respective reigns at the proverbial top, with Drake used as an example. Headlines at the time may have suggested that Cube was somehow criticizing Drake. During a new interview with Big Boy, however, Cube clarified that such an interpretation was merely the result of publications "sifting through the mud trying to find something."

The comments Cube made Tuesday are part of his larger theory on music industry dominance. "I wasn't saying that about Drake," he said around the 25-minute mark in the video above. "It's my theory about anybody in music. You usually have a three, maybe five-year reign at the tip-top before the industry is looking for something new. That's just, you know, I've seen it happen time and time and time again. It happened to me. After the reign on the tip-top, you have to find your place. Don't fall all the way to the bottom. Find your place near the top, keep doing music, keep growing your fanbase."

As for who's currently at this level, Cube expressed general disinterest. "I have no idea because I don't care," he said.

Cube, who knows a thing or three about ruthless diss tracks, also chopped it up with Big Boy about what he believes are the unspoken rules of diss records. "Family, kids, deceased relatives . . . I think that's going too far," he said. "You just got to stick with the person and try to break that person down."