Ice Cube Says He's Finishing the Script For the 'Last Friday' Movie

Ice Cube gave his followers an update on the upcoming 'Friday' sequel.

It's been 23 years since Ice Cube introduced movie-goers to the best day of the week with his film, Friday. He followed it up with 2000's Next Friday and 2002's Friday After Next. But fans weren't satisfied with the trilogy—especially since the return of Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) never happened in the subsequent movies. Needless to say, Friday fans have been longing for the fourth installment, Last Friday, to hit the big screen. Now it seems we're a bit closer to getting the final Friday movie.

A tweeter reached out to Ice Cube to ask about the next Friday movie. "When y’all finna make a new Friday @icecube ??" it read. Then, Ice Cube actually replied with an update. "Finishing script," he said. 

Finishing script

— Ice Cube (@icecube) June 1, 2018

The film has been in the works for awhile. Back in 2016, Cube said there was "a meeting" about the film but it wouldn't happen "unless we can do it right." Then, a month ago Mike Epps, who joined the cast as Craig's cousin, Day-Day in Next Friday, shared some photos from the set.

In the photo, Ice Cube is seen sitting around the famous kitchen table from Friday with Mike Epps and John Witherspoon, who played Craig's dad in the films.

Epps also shared a short clip of him and Cube putting in work on the set. 

Although it's still unclear whether or not Tucker will return for the film, the fact that Cube is finishing the script is definitely a sign in the right direction for Friday enthusiasts.

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