Whenever "Plug Walk" comes on in public, I immediately stop whatever I'm doing and promptly engage in some impromptu thrash-moshing a la Lil Mayo. The song demands it. Now, Rich the Kid has ensured this habit continues with the release of the official "Plug Walk" remix.

The updated take on the World Is Yours single wisely features Gucci Mane, YG, and 2 Chainz. Catch it below via YouTube and/or grab it via the streaming service of your choice.

Last week, Rich made headlines after being injured during an armed home invasion in Los Angeles. According to the initial TMZ report, two "masked men" entered Tori Brixx's home Thursday night and demanded they hand over "cash and jewelry." When Rich attempted to fight the suspects, three armed men reportedly made their way inside. Rich was briefly hospitalized. 

"Being in this game you gotta know what comes with it," Rich said in the caption of an Instagram post showing his arm in a cast Monday. "Watch for the fakes & snakes the more money the more hate." He also thanked fans for their prayers.

Looking ahead, Rich is hoping to get his Rich Forever Music to the level of Cash Money's heyday. "200 million records sold, man," Rich predicted during an interview with Jinx back in March. "We goin' bigger than Cash Money."