These past four weeks or so have been equal parts fun and pure hell. On one hand, as an outlet that covers rap music, it's been all about long nights of coming up with content in real time, making it hard to digest and not make knee-jerk proclamations. On the other, as a fan of the music, this seven-song experiment has captured my attention more than I thought it would. Each album has had different sounds and themes with varying degrees of success. Pusha dropped his best solo work to date, Kanye West and Cudi didn't disappoint, but Nas and Yeezy came through with some mid if we're gonna keep it a buck.

The most disappointing record by far has been YeWest's willingness to engage with Donald Trump turned fans off (shouts to Kim for freeing Alice Johnson, though), leading him to turn to TMZ in an attempt bring them back, which made things worse and resulted in him completely redoing the album after his appearance. Regardless, he probably should've saved his album for last because it sounded like he rushed it. The only thing that hasn't disappointed besides the Cudi and Push albums is the production, though. Kanye snapped on all four albums with the beats, leaving us wondering what could've been had he chosen to spend more time with these projects. The beats on Daytona, Ye, Kids See Ghost, and Nasir are diverse, giving us a glimpse into where Kanye is trying to take his style.

Going with G.O.O.D.'s seven-track theme, we've put together our own seven-song playlist featuring our favorite songs from each project that's come out so far. We'll update this next week when Teyana drops—good luck, ma! Check our playlist below.

"If You Know, You Know" —Pusha T, Daytona
"Reborn"—Kanye and Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts
"Ghost Town"—Kanye ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR, 070Shake, Kid Cudi, Ye
"Cops Shot the Kid"—Nas Ft. Kanye, Nasir
"Yikes"— Kanye, Ye
"The Games We Play"—Pusha T, Daytona
"Cudi Montage" —Kanye and Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts