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The tension between Hot 97 leader Ebro Darden and Soundcloud rapper 6ix9ine came to a head this weekend, when he appeared outside of Summer Jam allegedly in makeup to “investigate” the artist entrance of MetLife Stadium after Ebro made it crystal clear he was not invited to perform.

“He showed up to the Summer Jam on IG Live,” Ebro poked when discussing the incident on Monday’s show. “Why he put on makeup to cover up all his tattoos...You want to be involved in Summer Jam so bad that you don’t even know how to stand down.”

6ix9ine posted a video on Sunday of him and his crew outside the concert venue threatening New York rapper Loccie Shmula.

This drama seems to originally stem from Ebro’s criticism of 6ix9ine fans months ago, when he labeled them “internet dorks.”

“Reason we didn’t have you on Summer Jam is cause you don’t know how to shut up bro,” Ebro explained on the show. When Peter Rosenberg asks if Ebro had ever seriously considered letting 6ix9ine perform, the host admitted he had, but later changed his mind thanks to the rapper’s problematic IG habits and possible involvement in the recent Chief Keef shooting.  

“I had a whole thing but I wasn't gonna tell him in advance because his dumbass doesn't know how to shut up,” Ebro said. “We had a whole plan. People was working. People really wanna help this kid but he doesn’t know how to shut up.” 

He continued, “You wanna jump on the IG when shootings one wants you in a state run facility...with your stupid ass.”

Ebro then fired some shots at DJ Akademiks, calling him “Akadummy” over a video call he took with 6ix9ine where the rapper attacked the size of the Summer Jam crowd. “Well if Summer Jam really fell off so bad fam, why you outside with makeup on covering up your tattoos trying to get inside?" Ebro chided.

Is Ebro simply an enemy of the youth? Was Tekashi 6ix9ine showing up in makeup pure foolishness? Watch Ebro’s full comments in the video above and decide for yourself.