“Welcome To The Party” essentially brings the same energy as Deadpool 2 does—as part of the film’s soundtrack, everyone involved seemed to make sure the song and accompanying music video were just as wild and out there as the acerbic, middle finger-flipping tone of the movie. On top of that, there’s some pretty impressive production and cinematography value onscreen which only makes this entire endeavor feel all the more substantial. 

Right from the beginning, you get a clear sense of what’s about to go down. Diplo’s looking like a trashy European drug dealer who’s counting stacks in the back, while French strolls down the hallway of this bizarre underground club before rolling into the grimy eponymous party. The song itself, of course, is a call to hypeness—leave your worries at the door if you’re too shy to kick your shoes off. 

While I’m stunned to say Lil Pump’s verse is definitely the best part of the track, that’s absolutely a testament to the young MC’s evolving growth as an artist. I’m really digging the restrained psychopath aesthetic, too, with Pump in a black straightjacket while caged like a murderous lunatic. That vibe is only enhanced further once Deadpool shows up and starts chopping people up—and Josh Brolin walks in, strapped to the gills. 

This is one of those videos you can’t help but watch all the way through, anytime it comes on. Watching Diplo skydive just to retrieve his fallen ice cream is hilarious. Seeing the whole gang barrel through the city, play with fire, and have one hell of a good time in a shady underground bunker of a club makes for really solid, Friday night viewing before you attempt to have a similar night with friends of your own.