Trippie Redd missed out on being included on "God's Plan" but many fans were hoping he and Drake would collaborate in the future. During an Instagram Live session on Sunday, however, a fan asked Trippie if he has any songs with Drake and he said, "No. And it's only because people say so much weird shit about me and Drake's relationship, so I didn't really care about the feature at all."

Trippie went on to reveal that his upcoming project will be a "two-sided album" with around 25 songs on it—although he's made 35 songs for the album in total. The project is currently planned for a July release.

"It's going to drop around July and I've made over 35 songs for that shit," he explained. "I don't know if it's going to be all 35 songs on the album, but I'm going to tell you how it's going to be: there's two parts of the album. There is a more artsy, lyrical part of the album. That's where like, 'Taking A Walk,' 'Oomps Revenge,' 'Can You Rap Like Me 2,' 'How You Feel,' all the rock songs, the R&B songs, the very artsy rap songs, and shit are going to be on that side."

"And on the other side of the album, it's going to be more bangers and shit," Trippie continued. "For example, like my song with Quavo [...] 'I Kill People' is probably going to be on the other side. I'm still not sure yet. I'm still trying to line everything up. I'll let you know as I go."

Trippie also took some time to tell his fans he will be focusing less on negative "internet shit" like his ongoing beef with 6ix9ine and plans to put more of his energy toward music.

"I know I've been on the internet acting crazy and shit, saying crazy shit, but instead of focusing on the negative shit, I'm going to be more positive," he said. "I'm not going to show my emotions on the internet, because I see you don't really fuck with it. I fuck with it, because I feel like I'm just showing you how I am as a person and how I react to shit. But I don't want everything I post to be how I react to shit. I don't want to lead you all away from the bigger cause, which is the music I put out."

During the hour-long Instagram Live session, Trippie previewed some new music for fans, as well. You can hear a snippet below.