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The Cool Kids returned after a long hiatus in 2017 to drop a new album called Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe, but both Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish are continuing their solo careers as well.

In April, Rocks released a swaggering Don Daze-produced single, "I See," and now the bass-heavy cut has a post-apocalyptic video to match.

"The video is set in New Delhi, India and pulls inspiration from post-apocalyptic imagery—think movies like Road Warriors, Mad Max, Blade Runner, Monster Truck and Idiocrasy," Rocks told Complex. "I really wanted to capture the dry, rugged atmosphere and lawless feel of the post-apocalyptic world, and I think the video gives off those vibes.”

Shot by Akshay Ralli and directed by Juan the Cameraman + SMR, the clip comes to life with glitchy effects that include a quick cameo from a trio of aliens. Watch the premiere of the "I See" video above, and if you missed it last week, you can hear Cool Kids' new Boldy James-assisted single "OilBass" below.