Trash-talking your BFF's exes or enemies to make him or her feel better is something that real friends must do from time to time. A skit cut from Saturday Night Live’s season finale plays into this philosophy by enlisting a comical caricature of the sister band Haim—played by host Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, and Andy Bryant—plus a rap verse from musical guest Nicki Minaj.

In the sketch, Bryant first confesses she’s upset after a girl she's met “a thousand times” introduces herself as if they’ve never met. Fey and McKinnon quickly come to her aid by trash talking, or singing, about the rude woman in question, making fun of her age and dragging her on Instagram. “I’m gonna lift you up by tearing her down. I’m gonna dissect all her Instagrams I found,” they sing.

“Insulting her made me feel so much better,” Bryant says after the first verse.

Then it’s Fey’s turn to vent. Her character complains about a horrible ex named Trent, who the girls harshly label “a true freak who is obsessed” with her. Of course, they remind Fey's character “if you get back together, we’re back on board,” because real friends support no matter what.

Finally, Nicki Minaj strolls in ready to spit some fire insults of her own. Before McKinnon gets a chance to complain about her horrible co-worker, Nicki goes off. “Girl, I don’t even need to know who it is,” she says, before trashing the woman to smithereens.

Haim seems to approve of the skit, sharing it on their Twitter Sunday afternoon. 

Watch the full skit in the video above, and check out Nicki’s performance of “Chun-Li” and “Poke It Out” from Saturday here.