In what seems to be a running theme throughout 2018, Tizzy Gang's Merky Ace has now released his long-awaited debut album, War Is Normal. The MC has packed a lot in since he started out MCing as Merky and producing as Splurt Diablo (only revealing they were the same person recently), whether it was in Family Tree, Tizzy Gang or just rolling with Tre Mission and Cadell. That wealth of experience has stood him in good stead and probably given us a better album because of it. Despite having a long list of allies and collaborators in the scene, he's gone for the 'less is more' approach when it comes to guest verses, with only Mad Max and MIK making an appearance.

But production-wise, Merky's brought in some serious reinforcements: Carns Hill, Footsie, Faze Miyake, Mssingno, Dark Cautious, QUIETPVCK and Tre Mission all got behind the boards to assist him under his guise of Splurt Diablo. Take a listen to the project below. With any luck, we might get treated to a Tizzy Gang album one day soon.