TMZ reports that Dipset rapper Jim Jones got himself involved in a brawl outside of a club in Springfield, Massachusetts. According to TMZ's source, Jones was taking photos with some fans, when a group of men surrounded him and his security, resulting in a standoff. The situation continued to escalate, with yelling eventually turning to physical violence.

In the video, which can be seen above, Jones isn't interested in whatever it is the men got themselves upset over. It's hard to follow the chaos that ensues, and it's not clear exactly who's involved, but Jones doesn't sit on the sidelines as it's all happening. Eventually, police got involved.

No one was arrested, and no ambulances were needed, but plenty of people got themselves hurt in the fight. Jim Jones came out the other side of the brawl unharmed, with TMZ reporting that at one point a member of his crew had to hold him back, stopping him from getting more involved than he already was. A source close to the events described the fight as "an old-school brawl outside of a club" and nothing more.

A representative for Jim Jones clarified to Complex that the rapper was never scheduled to perform at Club Zone or host for the night, but was at the event in a walk-thru capacity.