You may not know Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd's name, but you definitely know his songs. From 112's "Peaches and Cream" to Usher's "Caught Up" to almost all of Justin Bieber's recent work including the "Despacito" remix and "Where Are Ü Now," Poo Bear has been penning your favorite hit songs for years. Now, he's stepping into the spotlight with his new solo album Bearthday Music, featuring turns from Jennifer Lopez, J. Balvin, Jay Electronica, Ty Dolla Sign, and of course Bieber.

We sat down with Poo Bear to get the inside scoop on how he created some of his biggest hits—and also presented him with some surprises along the way. From tales of Usher and Chilli, to how a $3 meal inspired a classic tune, to how it feels to have the biggest pop star in the world shout you out, Poo Bear tells us what it's really like to create hit songs.