Now's the perfect time for a new Belly x The Weeknd collab, isn't it? The weather is gray enough, out West anyway, that you feel like the world could end at any moment, yet you're still on the verge of falling completely in love with [name redacted]. This is Belly weather. This is Weeknd weather. This is, as previously teased, "What You Want."

The new cut arrived Thursday. In an interview teasing the collab on the eve of its release, Belly detailed why he considers this to be his and Weeknd's strongest collaborative work to date.

"Me and Abel always have amazing chemistry when we work, but this one takes the cake," he told Billboard Wednesday, adding that the forthcoming official video will go down as "the most fun" he's ever had during a shoot.

Catch the official stream for "What You Want" above, then download the track via Apple Music here.

Watching Weeknd get into his peak creativity zone in the studio, Belly explained, is an inspiration. And despite the fact that Weeknd is younger than Belly, he's still able to learn from the master of melancholy because he's "wise beyond his years."

Back in October, Belly grabbed Pusha-T as the lone feature on his 11-track Mumble Rap tape.