During this massive press run for Atlanta Robbin' Season, Donald Glover has been making a number of references to the link between his dynamic FX series and making music. He's not only compared working on season two to topping a fire debut mixtape, but his brother, Stephen, likened this second season to Kanye West's sophomore album, Late Registration. All of the comparisons are apropos, especially when it comes to a show that's giving viewers some of the illest needle drops on television.

We already ran through all of the songs played during season one of Atlanta, and judging by the way Atlanta Robbin' Season debuted, they are keeping up with the freshest of the trap with sprinklings of old school gems to keep wise listeners guessing. Based on how season one progressed, it looks like the music team on Atlanta has been working hard to keep the quality and authenticity of the sounds of the city intact.

And for those of you who like to have them all in one place, here's a special Apple Music playlist of songs from Atlanta Robbin' Season. Turn it up!