Offset is upset about something.

Fans were left scratching their heads Friday night, after the Migos member hit up Twitter with a series of angry messages directed at an unidentified foe. He wrote:

Who was Offset targeting? Fans have speculated that the rant has something to do with the recent “Motorsport” drama centered around Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s rumored beef. Others are convinced the rapper was calling out guys like XXXTentacion, Joe Budden, or Lil Uzi Vert, all of whom have had highly publicized feuds with Migos within the last year. The latter artist recently exchanged disses with Offset’s good friend Rich the Kid.

As most of you know, Rich fired shots at Uzi in his new track “Dead Friends.” Uzi fired back in G Herbo’s “Who Run It” remix, which also seemed to reference the Grammy-nominated Migos:

Me no broke, Akademiks, yeah, that's where you get your news at
Ask your bros, Grammy-nominated songs just to prove that
Know your bros told you, nah, you better not just do that, uh
I'm going mode, T.Y., tell me when to go, boy, you ain't rich, you a bitch

It’s also important to note that Offset also appeared to blast Uzi on the “Violation Freestyle”: “Lil nigga, lil nigga you act like you bigger/Fuck all that uzi we give them the SIG gun/Lil boy, boy you ain't did nothing.”

Now, stay with us: Uzi came back at Offset and Rich in his newly released track “Rich Forever Leaked.” DJ Akademiks provides a pretty good breakdown of the feud below.

So, is Offset talking about Uzi, Nicki, or one of the other aforementioned rivals? If you pay close attention to his word choice, it doesn’t seem like any of these theories are correct. Offset consistently used plural nouns in the tweets, which suggests he was talking about a group of people rather than one individual. He also implies that the subjects have a problem securing hit records, which could mean they’re either relatively new to the game or have struggled to reach mainstream success after a several attempts.

After taking all these details into consideration, we've arrived at a less common—but perhaps more probable—theory: Offset is going after SOBxRBE.

The West Coast group made headlines recently after its member Yhung T.O. criticized Migos during a California concert.

“Check this out, though. You can tell Migos we the hottest group in the game,” T.O. told the crowd, before he reportedly yelled, “Fuck Migos.”

Is Offset finally responding to SOB's dig? We don't really know at this point. Until the rapper decides to drop a name, fans will have to keep speculating.