Coachella 2018 is all about the lewks. Justin Bieber in a tropical two-piece. Cardi B in all white. Beyoncé in, well, everything. And Bad Gal RiRi donning mask. That’s right. Robyn Fenty said nah to all those flower crowns and flash tattoos and opted for a fall 2018 Gucci ski mask. And some people are totally here for these wrestler vibes. Earrings on the outside of the mask? Brilliant. 


when u finna run outta hangers.

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The festival was reportedly dry as hell, with record temperatures, lost of dust, and even a wildfire blazing nearby. But none of that mattered to Ri, who along with the mask sported thigh high boots and two layers. If a ho never gets cold, as Cardi B once said, then I guess a boss never gets hot either.

Rihanna hung out at Coachella all weekend, with a couple of other jaw dropping fits:


extra af. #chella18

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the 60s started it. #chella18

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