Thanks to today's steady stream of viral marketing campaigns it's really, really hard to figure out when a cryptic social media tease is legit, and when it's just random gibberish.

On that note, Nicki Minaj has captured the attention of her fans/followers with what appears to be some sort of mysterious countdown to...I don't know. Field your own guesses. On Sunday she tweeted (for the first time in 2018) a message that simply said "4." She then deleted that. Flash forward to Monday afternoon when she tweeted a "3." She then deleted that.

Even Young Thug took to Twitter to tweet "3." Maybe it's connected and we'll get a Young Thug feature on a brand new Nicki song, maybe not. 

One would think that there's probably a "2" coming sometime on Tuesday. Though one might also suggest maybe not spending your whole day waiting for that.

In addition to what appears to be a pretty clear pattern (again, you might get further confirmation of that sometime Tuesday), Minaj has also been favoriting a number of tweets from fans anticipating something happening by the end of this week. For example, all of these:

Hopefully she doesn't have a nuclear missile or something.