Not only do we not know what the fuck is going on with Lil Uzi Vert's Instagram, we also have a newly surfaced Uzi cut to write about.

Wednesday, a SoundCloud upload gifted earth with the aptly named "Fire." According to the song surfacer, production duties were handled by Steve Aoki. Enjoy it in full below.

Uzi and Aoki previously linked for the Kolony single "Been Ballin," which was eventually given the visual treatment by Ours&Yours:

As for that Instagram confusion, it's been going on for a few days and is actually kinda fascinating. In one particularly compelling post, Nicki Minaj had seemingly taken brief control of the account to promote one of her upcoming new singles. 

​Other posts have given secondhand Uzi advice on disappearing notepads and the nature of not existing.

Uzi is said to be deep in sessions for a project that will contain "the best music in his and your life," which may or may not explain the Instagram handoffs.