It looks like Nas didn't have that great of an Easter/Passover weekend.

Back in February, Kelis reportedly demanded more money in child support from Nas. Now, a little over two weeks after Nas and Kelis reached a custody settlement for their son, Knight, new trouble is reportedly arising between the two.

The Blast reports Nas submitted court documents saying Kelis violated their agreement by not letting him see their little one over the Easter/Passover holiday.

"When I arrived at Kelis’s house," read the statement, "she immediately began screaming at me, telling me that I could not take our son. She was so irate I did not know what to do."

The Blast also reportedly obtained text messages between the two that shows Kelis may not be taking the ruling as a concrete one.

"The agreement we both agreed on is a guideline nothing more. You said and I quote 'we can make it whatever we need and talk about it I just want something on paper' end quote," it read, before Nas' said he'd take her back to court. "Take me dummy. Take me. Have you not seen I’m not afraid of you anymore!!!...I will not be intimidated by you and we are going to court anyway," she said.

Now, Nas is reportedly looking for their custody agreement to be enforced. Hopefully it all works out. In other Nas-related news, today, April 6, is the 19th anniversary of Nas' third studio album, I Am…, so there's still plenty of things for the Queens' rapper to celebrate as he looks to head back into the courtroom. Hang in there y'all.