Lil Uzi Vert's return seems to be upon us. A collaboration with Steve Aoki on SoundCloud recently surfaced online, and now we have a few more.

First up was "Bandz (Bye Bye Birdie)":

"I just pulled up on your bitch/Yeah I'm ridin' in a Benz/Why you mad? Cause I'm rich," he raps. "Look at me/Hurricane Rich."

But "Bandz (Bye Bye Birdie)" is just a string of tracks that have popped up from Vert. In addition to the aforementioned Aoki-produced track, Uzi threw shots at Rich the Kid in another song released today, "Who Run It (Remix)," before another possible diss record titled "Rich Forever Leaked" hit his SoundCloud. Rich Forever Music is of course Rich the Kid's label.

"One of my youngest children just went platinum," Vert spits, which may be a reference to Rich the Kid's Kendrick Lamar collab "New Freezer" going platinum in March. He also raps, "Nigga better watch his whore." On his earlier "Who Run It (Remix)," Uzi Vert spit: "I could fuck your wife like you sharin' or somethin'." 

Earlier this week, Uzi's team said he had music on the way and it turned out they really meant soon.

"Uzi is currently working on the best music in his and your life so he does not have a phone," @mean.w revealed on Uzi's Instagram page in a now-deleted post. "New music soon." Uzi's been absent since February and has instead been speaking through his team, but they say he'll be back in "a few weeks."

Uzi's also been sharing coded messages through his team saying he "doesn't exist" and "neither does you" while also sharing Marilyn Manson's possible phone number.

Either way, Uzi's fans should be hyped.