Atlanta trap star Jeezy has gotten into muddy waters recently, with a lawsuit claiming he stole the main elements to “I Ball, I Stunt” from an unknown artist’s demo. According to TMZ, that artist is a man named Edaz Redden, and unfortunately for Jeezy, the judge ruling over this alleged track-jacking case has sided with Redden on the matter—leaving Jeezy with a $111,347.29 bill to pay in damages.

TMZ reports Redden sued Jeezy in 2015 after he allegedly gave a demo of “I Ball, I Stunt” to a producer and then noticing the same exact title, composition, and chorus being used by Jeezy. Apparently, Jeezy tried hard to keep his wallet closed by claiming he wasn’t served legal papers properly, but the judge called bullshit and ultimately ordered him to pay what he owes. If Jeezy did steal the material, this is a heartening case of justice being served and somebody who deserves the money actually receiving it. If not, Jeezy just had to pay somebody a tenth of a million bucks for nothing.

Frankly, I'm inclined to believe Redden on this one. If those three aforementioned song elements were indisputably similar, or exactly similar, then this seems like a pretty clear-cut case. If so, the right man was awarded justice today. Let’s hope that’s the case.