Christian “King” Combs, Diddy's third child, followed up the Tuesday release of the video for his Nas and 2Pac-sampling single “Eyez On C” by dropping his debut mixtape 90’s Baby on Wednesday. While the tape borrows elements from his East Coast childhood, it's also infused with West Coast influences that reflect his current life in California. 

The 12-track project kicks off with a comedic skit, then guides the listener through a tape steeped in the time-honored tradition of New York rap, which his father was an integral part of. But King Combs is not his father, and it's apparent in the youthful perspective that the younger Combs brings to the table.

"I am the epitome of a ’90s baby,” Combs told Hypebeast recently. “I have been greatly influenced by Bad Boy artists, but driven and inspired by my generation to be authentic.”

The tape also features Puff Daddy, RJ, and members of Combs' creative collective CYN.

And if all that nostalgia wasn't enough for you, check out the cover arta never-before-seen photo of Combs and his father, Diddy backstage at a Bad Boy concert in the 90s, when Combs was just 4-years-old. Diddy took to Instagram to show his son some love. 

Check out King Combs' new mixtape 90's Baby below.