Beyoncé and Solange took a tumble on the Coachella stage on Saturday. Just when we thought Beyoncé was actually human, she did perhaps the smoothest recovery in the history of falls and the pair continued with their dance number like nothing happened. 

Beyoncé headlined both weekends of Coachella (this time with J Balvin as a surprise guest), and Solange joined her on stage each time. The sisters performed an epic dance both nights to the song "Get Me Bodied," but during the second performance, one specific move did not go quite as planned.

Beyoncé tried to pick up @solangeknowles at #Coachella tonight and they both fell on stage. 😂💖 #TooCute #Beychella

— BEYONCÉ LEGION (@Bey___Legion) April 22, 2018

According to Vulture, Beyoncé was supposed to pick up Solange, move around a little, and then gently set her down. Instead, Bey dropped Solange. It also kind of looks like Solange was giving her sister a massive hug, which knocked them both on the ground. Whatever happened, they laughed a little, did a leg kick, and quickly moved on, barely missing a beat.

It was wildly adorable, and barely even looked like a mistake to some fans. Check out the reactions below.