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Nicki Minaj proved that #NickiDay isn’t just for her, but all women rappers. During her interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, she acknowledged a handful of artists who are killing the game right now, and even addressed her beef with Cardi B and Azealia Banks.

Minaj told Lowe, “Shout out to Cardi and all the new female rappers who’ve been doing their thing. And there’s certain girls who show me like genuine love that I want to shout out. Shout out [English MC] Ms. Banks… I told you when I bring the tour to London, I want her to come out 'cause she’s just shown me genuine love. Kash Doll always shows me genuine love. Asian Doll always shows me genuine love. There’s a new girl who showed me genuine love the other day, Maliibu Miitch I think is her name. It just warms my heart when the girls do that. I’m not gonna lie and act like it doesn’t—it makes me feel so good.”

How about Bardi? “With Cardi B, she’s done exactly what she should have done. She’s just gone full steam ahead and congratulations to her. And I also wanted to shout out—‘cause I didn’t get a chance to shout out all the female rappers that show me genuine love—so shout out to Lady Luck, she always shows me genuine love.”

“And I know Azealia Banks, she’s said some incredibly nasty things about me in the past, but she’s publicly apologized and I don’t hold grudges. When people apologize and admit, apologize they’re wrong, I move on… And also Azealia Banks’ new record is dope.”

On Thursday, Minaj released two new singles, “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun Li.” She’s also set to release a collaborative song with Young Thug. Check out the reactions from Maliibu Miitch, Kash Doll, Asian Doll, and Azealia Banks below.