French-born, London-based producers Daniel NessHNRO are an emerging double threat. Between crafting futuristic hip-hop and tearing down radio sets for the likes of Balamii and Hotel Radio Paris with feverish energy, the duo also represent the Merci Jitter imprint, bridging artistic gaps between sounds, events and visuals. With a year gone since their last release, the Movements Vol. II compilation, the beatsmiths break their silence on new single "Fur Coat".

A white-hot powerhouse of a track that packs several punches, it features the vocals of Atlanta rapper Jeff Chery, who glides its minimalist, synthetic elements with endless charisma, finding an effective pocket amongst the track's ice-cold production. "It's a pretty abrasive track at first; everything about it is energetic but, at the same time, it features a lot of contradictory elements," Ness told Complex over email. "Our intention was to create a perfect combination and balance between left-field and generic, whilst channelling some form of mainstream accessibility. That whole idea is present in the tape and is definitely at the forefront of this track."

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