The next time you're at one of the Game's shows, try not to get too close for a selfie. A fan in Slovenia had to learn that the hard way when after getting onstage during a set to vibe out with the rapper and a bunch of other fans and trying to capture it all on camera. In a video posted by TMZ, the fan went in for the flick and got a little too close for the rapper's comfort, with the Game responding by pushing him a few steps back.

"Ayo, back the fuck up, man!" he exclaimed while pushing the fan out of his personal space. His security team was quick on the draw, too, pushing the fan back into the crowd offstage. "Just back off, bro. Shit! Ayo, we fucking gangsters," Game continued. "Don't come up here doing that shit. Just chill out." 

His security and stage team seemed to already be on edge before the shove took place, as someone is heard issuing a warning over the mic to fans onstage who kept reaching out to touch the rapper. "Don't touch him no more. If you do that, I'mma throw your ass back in the crowd," the voice is heard saying. While we always expect our musical faves to embrace fans with open arms, they still deserve a little space. 

The Game is currently on a 22-date, 45-city European tour that ends this month in the Netherlands.