Two days after revealing the artwork and release date of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, fans keep asking Cardi B what to expect from the project. So she uploaded a short video to Instagram on Wednesday night to give fans a look at what's to come.

"I just wanted to give a little preview of what you guys are going to get on April 6," she said into her phone. "This is one of my songs..."

Then she jumped into a cover of The Cheetah Girls' classic song "Cinderella."

Laughing through most of her rendition, this looks like a troll from Cardi. But wouldn't it be amazing if she was somehow able to work some Cheetah Girls into her album? If you're not yet familiar with the lead single from the soundtrack to their 2003 Disney movie The Cheetah Girls, dive into the music video below.

Cardi appears to be in a more playful mood after going off on her detractors in a heated tweet on Tuesday.

“I will never let nobody discredit me, before I sign to Atlantic I put 2 mixtapes out and I was pushing FOREVA by myself,” she wrote. "I went to Renaissance HS for musical theater. I been love music. After high school I stopped wanna know why? Cause music DONT PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS A JOB DOES."