For true music aficionados who use Spotify as their main provider, there's been nothing more annoying than the service's lack of songwriter and producer credits. Want to find out the personnel behind an obvious instaclassic like Camila Cabello's "Never Be the Same" without annoyingly having to leave Spotify altogether?​ Until now, you've been shit out of luck.

Friday, the Spotify team announced the "first iteration" of a long-overdue new credits feature. "It's amazing to see Spotify give the unsung heroes of music some recognition on their platform," Frank Dukes, who helped write that aforementioned Cabello cut, said of the new feature. "Definitely a step in the right direction."


Starting Friday, Spotify users will be able to see songwriter and producer credits on the desktop platform by right-clicking on tracks and selecting the Show Credits option. For now, Spotify explained, the displayed information will be sourced strictly from metadata provided by labels. "We realize some of the label-provided credits are incomplete or may contain inaccuracies, but this is just the first step in displaying songwriter credits on Spotify," Spotify said. The new feature will incorporate additional credits sources soon.

Tiffany Kumar, Spotify's Global Head of Songwriter Relations, sees the new feature as a chance to continually increase the amount of spotlight given to the industry's behind-the-scenes creatives. "Songwriters are an integral force behind the music we love," Kumar said Friday.

As others have noted, Tidal has been doing this for quite some time.