Rihanna's excellent 2016 album Anti has taken a chart record from Katy Perry's quite good Teenage Dream.

Rihanna's album now boasts the most No. 1 singles in Dance Club Songs in chart history, according to a Chart Data report spotted by Fader Friday.

Anti, which hasn't yet received a follow-up, dropped way back in January 2016. In addition to the instaclassic opening collab with SZA, the album also features the best Tame Impala cover ever recorded. Naturally, Grammy nominations happened.


Earlier this month, reports came in that Rihanna had helped raised more than $2 billion for global education efforts. She attended a Global Partnership for Education (GPE) fundraising conference in Senegal, where she delivered a speech to a crowd that included World Bank president Jim Yong Kim.

We've made tremendous progress today, but of course, our work is never done," Rihanna, a GPE ambassador, said. "We have a long way to go and this is a fight that we're never going to stop fighting until every boy and every girl has access to education."