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The first track of 2018 from Branko is entitled "MPTS", a shortened, Portuguese SMS term for "Meus Putos"—which loosely means "my crew"—and it's the first collab he's done with PEDRO (formerly known as KKing Kong), as the two begin their Enchufada European Tour. The track links one of Lisbon's veteran artists with one of the region's hottest up-and-coming producers, creating a tribal, club-ready party jam.

Speaking on the track, Branko told Complex: "I wanted the first track that I release in 2018 to be a celebration of the Enchufada vision of global club music that we've been championing for over a decade. 'MPTS' is kind of a Portuguese text message slang for what you would call your crew or your friends, and being surrounded by your crew doing what you love is exactly the vibe we felt in studio while creating this track."

"MPTS" drops Friday. Catch them at their London show on March 23.