Drake released the music video for “God’s Plan,” and oh boy it’s a good one. He wasn't exaggerating when he said it was the most important thing he'd ever done in his career: he was budgeted nearly $1 million for the music video, and instead decided to give it all away to random people in Miami.

The video explains Drake’s recent charity tour around Miami these past few weeks: the rapper is filmed mostly surprising people with cash or gifts or a turn up at a high school, but also donating to a woman's shelter, covering a student's tuition for the University of Miami, and paying for people's groceries. Everyone looked genuinely grateful at their random good luck, and most of the recipients were people of color. 

The social media response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive. The interactions in the video are so genuine that watching the video is an emotional experience. Many praised the rapper for using his considerable platform to give back to a community both financially as well as with the attention that the world pays to literally anything Drake does. Plus, as many on Twitter pointed out, it puts a whole new spin on the lyrics to the already great song.

If you’re a fan, you might need to steady yourself for a few negative hot takes: some will likely be against publicizing his charity, arguing that making a music video boasting about how kind you are as a way to build up your cred isn’t helpful. But you can ignore the haters. The truth is that whatever Drake’s motives were, he really did put a smile on people’s faces and made people’s days (and likely lives) that much brighter. Whatever you think of Drake, you really gotta hand it to the guy: this is an amazing move, and one that pretty much only he could finesse so smoothly.

Check out some of the best reactions to “God’s Plan” below.