Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! And a special thank you to the queen of extravagance, lady luxury herself, Paris Hilton for dropping the romantic track we all really needed this V-Day called “I Need You.”

That’s right: 12 years after Ms. Hilton released her debut, self-titled album Paris, she’s back with a loose single to put everyone into the V-Day mood. The heiress is pretty smitten these days, after getting engaged to her boo Chris Zylka in January. Apparently, this track has been a demo circulating through the web for ages, according to Billboard, but it’s finally here to delight lovers everywhere. Listen to the song above. 

The doo-wop beat and breathy vocals are definitely fitting for the holiday—and a number of holidays, for that matter. "I wanna put the happy in your Birthday/ And I wanna be the merry in your Christmas/ I’m always giving thanks for you on every Thanksgiving," she sings.

This song is giving me Marilyn singing to JFK vibes, with a mix of Christina Perri and a sprinkle of a song from your favorite early 2000s rom-com soundtrack. Is this a sign that Paris is back to making music? Is HLTN about to be 2018’s CTRL? It’s unclear if this is just a random loose-y or part of an upcoming project, but Paris hints that there could be visuals coming with the song. We'll have to wait and see.