India Love is not getting any well, love, for her first rap single, "Loco."

The Instagram model dropped the music video for the track earlier today. But instead of getting praise, tweeters are hitting her with a ton of ridicule for the single.

Some called her out for using a "swish gesture" when she was clearly referencing Michael Jackson, not Michael Jordan.

Others have accused of her trying to follow in Cardi B's footsteps, since Cardi dropped "Bodak Yellow" last year and became a musical sensation.

Although Love is a novice to the rap world, this is far the the first time that she's had to deal with bullies. Last year, on Get Sweaty with Emily Oberg, Love shared that she had "confidence issues" growing up.

"I was bullied my whole life," she said. "So I was basically, I didn't have any friends and I was just trying to figure out like what did I do. But I really didn't do anything. They just didn't like me because I was just pretty." Love later added that she had to "find the self love in myself."

And not everyone is hating on the new track either. Others have called it "catchy" while one person claimed it as the "hottest music video of 2018."

Whether you hate it or love it, one thing remains the same: Twitter has no chill. Check out the "Loco" video above.